There are many opportunities for partnerships. They vary according to the degree of involvement of the parties, the means mobilized and the motivations of the companies.

  • Organizing an event or fundraising action in your company for the benefit of the ORIGINΛL Foundation: An opportunity to federate your collaborators but also to accompany an artist of your choice towards the realization of his project;
  • Becoming partners in a field project: you make a financial, material or human contribution (know-how or technical expertise);
  • Helping us recruit new donors within your network by spreading our communication messages in your networks (intranet, social networks, website ...);

The counterparties we offer you:

  • Carrying out the project and sharing with you the report of activities;
  • Benefiting from a 360 ° platform with expertise in arts and culture with a focus on Africa;
  • Getting in touch with a network of actors, enthusiasts, and people committed to the promotion of Arts and Culture with a focus on Africa.

Partnership agreement :

For each form of partnership, we sign a partnership agreement. This document systematically refers to the partnership agreement, specifying the duration of the operation, the mutual commitments and responsibilities, the rules governing the use of partners' brands and logos, the financial terms of the contribution, etc.

Thank to our loyal partners / JOIN US