The ORIGINΛL Foundation is the first digital foundation for the promotion of arts and culture with a focus on Africa.

This non-profit association was born from the following two observations:

  • The arts and culture are vectors of development too often ignored in the government policies in Africa;
  • Africa has an average of two phones per inhabitant.

At the beginning ORIGINΛL - Arts & Culture

Created on 8 November 2014, ORIGINΛL - Arts & Culture is a platform for the promotion of arts and culture with a focus on Africa.

Statistics as of September 30, 2017

  • 2861 subscribers 1405 qualified subscribers: 70% women and 30% men mainly aged between 25 and 55
  • 129 709 visits in 3 years
  • Read in 164 countries in the World including the top 10: Côte d'Ivoire, France, United States, Canada, Senegal, Benin, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Guinea (Conakry) and Belgium

Writing a continent-wide story

With this encouraging performances, with the undisputed presence in this specific niche of activities, and with the support of a few enthusiasts, ORIGINΛL - Arts & Culture began to write a new story at international level.

The story of the ORIGINΛL Foundation with a deeply rooted vision : "Promoting the arts and culture with a focus on Africa".


The 2 main objectives of the platform:

  • To popularize and promote the knowledge, projects and actions put in place to enhance the Arts and Culture with a focus on Africa.
  • Create a bridge between actors, lovers and enthusiasts of arts and culture with a focus on Africa.


The 3 main actions of the platform:

  • Education

    No Education, No Culture, No Future.
    Young Africans are mainly using the Internet tool for having information: Being present with them is therefore necessary to contribute to the sharing of our cultures.

  • Arts & Craft

    Arts and crafts in a digital era.
    The artists and craftsmen of the African continent, in order to survive today, must used digital items in order to open up and develop their perspectives.

  • Consulting

    Supporting action for Arts & Culture
    In 3 years of field analysis, we gained an expertise to be valued with structures. If you would like to have unique contents and informations but also to organize specific activities related to the promotion of arts and cultures with a focus on Africa, we are your rigth contact.