Opened in February 2008, the Donwahi Foundation aims to promote and disseminate artists in the artistic field. It’s a space for demonstration and creation, training and exchanges, sharing and enrichment.

Located in Latrille Boulevard, the Fondation hounours late Charles Bauza Donwahi, pillar in the policy of Felix Houphouet Boigny, first president of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire and also a major player in the development of the country.

Built on a surface of about 0,37 acres and dedicated to exhibitions, cultural events, artist residencies and creative workshops for youth, the Fondation Donwahi has a library, a cybercafe, a lounge bar, restaurant and a large range of beautiful design objects.

Next year, the Fondation Donwahi will celebrate its 10th anniversary as promotor of artists in the mediums of sculpture, painting and photography. The many artists that the Foundation has represented include also artistic installations as part of a living approach to artistic expression.

The Donwahi Foundation is also present at many international artistic events and collaborating with international and continental galleries. By now, this Foundation offers a large visibility to artist over the continent.