Located at the Riviera Bonoumim, the Galerie Houkami Guyzagn is more than a gallery. It could be described as "residence" of art and artists.

Opened in July 2001, the Gallery was initially located at the 2 Plateaux Vallons not far from the Cité Lemania but the Gallery moved in 2015 in the Riviera Bonoumim for more spacious premises. Indeed, this space offers a multitude of choices: an indoor gallery, an outdoor gallery, work rooms, a restaurant, a lounge bar with a reading area overlooking the outdoor gallery and guest rooms for lovers artistic and quirky stays or for artists in short stay at the Gallery.

The Galerie Houkami Guyzagn works in the promotion of young artists and in the dissemination of their works through the biennial competition :  the "Concours des Guyzagn" sanctioned by the Grand Prix Guy Nairay. This competition, whose first edition was held in 2001, reveals young talents in the fields of sculpture, painting and photography.

This Gallery, a real place of expression and contemplation, will allow you to be in contact with this new generation of talented artists who are the breeding ground of West African creativity.