Bushman Café, West African revolution place for experimenting the rejuevanation of the modern and universal African sense of identity.

At first glance, Bushman Cafe, a revolution-themed bar in one of Abidjan's prettiest nightlife districts, could be any of the Ivorian capital's hotspots. Artsy residents, office workers and expats sit on modern art chairs signed by Philippe Starck, Michael Thonet, Henry Massonnet or Harry Bertoia, on Mexican wooden chairs and MOMA Chairs or on traditional Béké sofas inside the Sakara Lounge Bar or Wêlê Restaurant at the rooftop as dusk turns to night, ordering drinks or dishes prepared by using local ingredients.

Bushman Cafe is an artsy, trendy, modern, imaginative and creative coffee - boutique - hotel with eight apartments at the first floor, a sauna, a swimming pool with natural water, a boutique which provides African fabrics and African modern handcrafts, a coffee bar for drinking homemade coffee from Côte d'Ivoire, a lounge bar and a restaurant bar & grill at the rooftop where you could appreciate the other side of Abidjan with the Ebrié Lagoon.

The rooms have separate shower opened on the bedroom and a small area for business meetings or welcoming guests. They each have free Wi-Fi.

All the pieces of the Bushman Café received furniture and objects from the various countries and different relevant periods that affect African modern and traditional history and positioned by respecting the building's technical orientation for guarantying natural ventilation.

Bushman Cafe is the place for empowering local industry and local brands by experimenting different kind of cocktails used Ivorian spirits and dishes cooked with local ingredients and by enjoying African art and culture for the foodies, art-oriented-people and curious travellers from around the world. It’s also the place to be for enjoying afro tro, afro house and afro electro music. Furthermore, Bushman Café held different cultural events. Recently, the site hosted the Bushman Film Festival, the first African short film festival with Smartphones in Côte d'Ivoire.

Located in the prestigious neighbourhood of the Riviera Golf Hotel, near Golf Club area, the cafe boutique Hotel is also a great place for organising meetings, art expositions and party’s night or for having a natural and artistic break in the dynamic and animated city of Abidjan.

Abidjan the west African capital for Art and Culture is come back! And Bushman Café is one of the best spot for making unique and exclusive your Ivorian trip!

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